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Music, Food, Art

Travel allows us to experience such a range of emotions. Through the art of fine travel we can engage all of our senses in ways not possible in our everyday lives. We at Circa Travel understand and are here to enable you to fully immerse yourself in these experiences through river cruises or land tours.

Does a symphony concert or opera production thrill you to your very soul?


Are you intensely passionate about great food and wine?

Have you wept at the sight of a certain sculpture or painting?

It’s time to plan that pilgrimage to the Veneto Region of Italy and take a private tour of the world’s best grower.


We are just an email or phone call away. Reach out NOW to get started on the trip of a lifetime!

Is there a special symphony hall or opera house such as La Scala in Milan or perhaps the Vienna Opera House you have always wanted to experience?

Is there an artist you have long admired but have not had the opportunity to see up close and personal?

What special food have you always wanted to try (or maybe even learn to prepare yourself)? Have you had the dream to be in Tuscany during the harvest of grapes or olives?

Have you, like  Jackie, fallen madly in love with prosecco, one of Italy's most delicious sparkling wines?

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