If you have never heard of Floriade you are not alone! It is a once every 10 years celebration of flowers, horticulture in general, and this year a special focus on sustainable living. It is a feast for the senses with major flower gardens, food pavilions, beverage halls, lectures, and so much more!
An Upcoming Floral Surprise
Oh, how lovely it is as the flowers bloom and the plants grow! The Netherlands’ Floriade Expo occurs once every 10 years – and in 2022 we will have the rare opportunity to experience it in the city of Almere. Flowers, plants, and trees of all kinds will be united to resemble a new beginning for this district with its theme: "Growing Green Cities."
Right outside Amsterdam, the flourishing city district of Almere will host the country’s largest public event and ultimately gain an everlasting legacy of a new green living area following the expo.